About The Villas

Lefkada Villas, Milos Paradise Private Villas

Privacy and serenity, amazing sea view

Just above the amazing beach of Mylos, in Agios Nikitas, there are four impressive stone villas which form Milos Paradise Villas. The traditional stone used in the construction is harmoniously matched up with the surroundings and is successfully combined with the endless Ionian blue widely open in front of them.

They outlook the sea and enjoy the sunset while it is painting the earth and the sky with warm colours and the dew from rocks and waves.

The villas are fully equipped and can accommodate up to 6 people. They are suitable for friends or families. Each one provides a private pool and access to the stunning Milos beach is available.

The beach is named after the ruined windmill, situated just above the north side of the beach, one with matchless beauty.

Milos Paradise Villas is new-build and it’s almost 300 metres long from Agios Nikitas, a traditional village so beloved by tourists.

Agios Nikitas is 11 km away from Lefkada town and is not only close to the very famous beach of Kathisma but also to the other well known beaches of Lefkada.

Milos Paradise Villas is a new-build complex composed by four stone well equipped villas, seamlessly integrated into the wild beauty of western Lefkada. They have an unimpeded view of the Ionian Sea and direct access to the lovely beach of Milos, above which the villas have been built.

Wood and stone are harmoniously combined to create hospitable and luxurious interior spaces, while pools, one for each villa, offer you tranquility and the opportunity to enjoy the endless blue.

The complex offers a private car park. The villas borrowed their names from four gorgeous flowers proving the absolute matching up with nature. The villas are open the whole year round.